Kenan Yılmaz is a Turkish singer, songwriter, and music producer. He was born on May 8, 1980, in Germany, and developed his passion for music during his childhood years in Denizli, Turkey. He began his education in Denizli and later, during his high school years, embarked on a part-time music education program at Denizli Belediye Konservatuvarı, where he initiated his studies in bağlama (a Turkish stringed musical instrument) and participated in polyphonic choir activities.


In 1999, Kenan Yılmaz relocated to Istanbul for his university education and commenced his conservatory training in Turkish Folk Music at Müjdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi. He successfully graduated in 2003. During the same period, he also completed his studies in Public Relations and Business at Anadolu University. In 2011, he pursued a master's degree in Turkish Music at Haliç University.


Throughout his university years, Kenan Yılmaz's passion for music grew, leading him to start writing his own songs and recording them. In 2009, he embarked on the preparations for his first solo album and collaborated with Bülent Seyhan. He worked as the musical producer and, along with Ozan Özdemir, handled all the arrangements for his debut album, titled "Sarhoş Balık," which was released on May 24, 2010, under the Seyhan Müzik label. Two music videos were produced for songs from this album.


Subsequently, he collaborated with Fırat Çavaş to create his second music video, "Seviyorum Deme." Kenan Yılmaz also participated in internet projects like "Doğa İçin Çal 3" and "Doga icin cal 7," where his unique interpretations and performances garnered attention.


Kenan Yılmaz actively contributed to a social responsibility project called "Rengin Ahengi," created in collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. He took on the roles of a songwriter and music director for this project, where numerous artists, including Mustafa Ceceli, Erhan Güleryüz, Muazzez Ersoy, and more, performed his compositions as part of the project's scope.


Between 2008 and 2010, he served as the choir conductor for Turkish Folk Music at Müjdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi and gave various concerts. In 2010, he composed the music for the movie "OKUL" and received a nomination for "Best Music" at the Yeşilçam Awards. In the same year, he composed the music for the film "Herkes Mi Aldatır."

Kenan Yılmaz also assumed the role of artistic director for the Turkish Music album titled "Şarkının Sultanları" (Sultans of Songs) between 2013 and 2014. The album featured renowned artists like Ahmet Özhan, Zara, Melihat Gülses, Mustafa Ceceli, Ferda Cengiz Ünal, and more, who performed his compositions.


In addition to his music career, Kenan Yılmaz was actively involved in the Turkish television industry. He composed the music for the TV series "Canım Kardeşim" (My Dear Sibling), which was broadcasted on TRT Çocuk channel from 2012 to 2015 and gained immense popularity among children.


On August 13, 2015, Kenan Yılmaz realized the production of the soundtrack album for the first Turkish-made animated series, "Mine ve Müge Şarkıları" (Songs of Mine and Müge), for which he served as the producer. He was responsible for songwriting for 14 tracks, performed three of them, and handled the arrangement of the 17-track album.


During the same period, he composed the music for the movie "Canım Kardeşim Uzaylılar Mı Gelmiş" (My Dear Sibling: Have Aliens Arrived?) and left his mark on the musical "Canım Kardeşim Benim" (My Dear Sibling).

In 2015, he took on the role of the producer for the music project "Müzik Kutusu Türkiye." In early 2016, he collaborated with Hakan Yılmaz, Hande Subaşı, Cengiz Şahin, Eylül Öztürk, and Ömür Özdemir to prepare "Talking Tom Müzikali" (Talking Tom Musical), a musical show based on the popular "Talking Tom" animated series.

In 2017, Kenan Yılmaz established his own music company, "KY Müzik Yapım." In 2018, he joined forces with Turkish music artist Melihat Gülses to perform the song "Can," for which he wrote the lyrics and composed the music. The collaboration received significant acclaim. In 2019, he partnered with Seren Saraç to perform "Sen Bir Aysın," a song whose lyrics were penned by Turgut Özakman. The song achieved notable success on music charts.


Throughout his career, Kenan Yılmaz has actively participated in various projects, excelling as a music producer and leaving his mark on Turkish music. His commitment to music and versatile talents have made him a prominent figure in the industry.